Rock is a limited-run daily webcomic that will drop in 2024.

It combines two stories: one that’s a traditional comic strip and another that’s animated.

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Main Characters


He’s been around forever.

He used to be able to travel (stream) through time alone, but now he needs a streamer.

Strip #1, panel 4


Rock’s Streamer.

Strip #9, panel 4

Alice’s Ancestors

Grandma Rose


Strip #7, panel 7



Strip #15, panel 2

Egyptian Slave Girl

(3,000 BCE)

Strip #23, panel 4

Main Animation Characters


Chained and bound until the end of the story when we learn his identity.

Strip #1, animation


Struggling to reach ARE until the end of the story where we learn her identity.

Strip #13, animation


EH’s faithful companion.

Strip #9, animation

A special preview will begin in a few weeks.